Franceinfo : Meeting with Roch Vandromme, the artist who sculpts animals

Roch Vandromme is a sculptor and has only one inspiration: the animals. He is interested in horses, cattle or goats of his region but also to more exotic creatures. Looking at his work, you think that a tribute could be paid to him at the Salon of Agriculture. We could imagine an exhibition of his sculptures among the 4000 animals of which each could be his model.

A horse, an ox, a goat … So many banal animals that become masterpieces as soon as Roch Vandromme has looked at them. He transfigures them while preserving their grace. He lives amidst his stunning and powerful sculptures. His passion had taken him very young, at the age when he was content to sktech chickens. Today, he has enlarged his bestiary and also creates animals such as elephants, monkeys, camels.
Roch Vandromme received us at his home in Dunkirk, where he lives, where he works, in the midst of his sculptures.

Reportage : C. Massin / V. Dupire / R. Mompach / V. Biville

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Roch Vandromme sculpteur animalier